Day 37 Why am I doing a 100 day green juice fast?

It is my understanding that for my height which is 1.78m then my acceptable weight range should be between 60kg and 80kg.This is my body mass index or BMI

I started my fast 37 days ago at 95kg and I am now down to 84kg. 

60kg is therefore my personal lowest acceptable BMI weight. Dropping lower than 60kg would be tantamount to starving. 

I don't believe you can starve if you are fat. Penguins and the polar bears and the whales use fat as stored energy. So do we. 

So I am interested in first achieving the lowest threshold of my BMI index. This is 60kg. Thereafter I want to able to regulate and control my weight to within a specific BMI range. And MAINTAIN it there. A future challenge no doubt.

In practice I don't know how I will achieve that in the future, so now I will only focus on getting to my threshold resolve of 60kg and work it out from there.

To get to down to 60kg from 95 I have calculated that I need to do 100 days of fasting to achieve that goal.

And that's why I am doing a 100 day fast.

I am doing a complete reset 100days and aim to lose 30kg . I have fasted many times before but think that if you dont do it completely to the point that you have no excess fat then its so much easier to gain it all back again by slipping into bad habits straight after because you have less of a lower starting point.. the closer you get to the threshold of no fat then the more time you have to adjust and correct your after fast diet in my opinion.

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Monday, 28 September 2020
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