Day 30 Liquid Fasting -10kg

Friday 30 June. Start Weight : 95.6 Today's Weight 85.6 : Target weight for today 85.6 kg : Total weight loss -10 kg


OK... so now that my blog app has been set up by my Googoligist, Dylan Gallop, for our website I can now effectively communicate to you what's been happening with my personal strategy to cope with my aging body in what we have coined as a Male Menopause Treatment Experimental Strategy. Why would you care what I do? Well if you in the same boat as me, you may be on the same path and I hope that by sharing my experience your life can be enriched. I also need your moral support, even though it's not a prerequisite to doing what I have to do. So that said let talk about the plan.

The plan is simply to feel better and regain my health. Sounds simple but actually it may involve some mental re-adjustments.

The strategy involves any and all things that effectively reduces the effect of ageing.

Firstly, I did a lot of research into the effects of HGH on the human body. I have heard of abuses in the gym of this steroid, for the guys to build muscle. At age 56 do I want that? Fuck no, so instead we will discuss that at length.

I just want to regain my youthful energy that has been my mainstay all my life until it faded after I reached the age of 50. What happened was natural I suppose, you get old you get fat and you get lazy. Everything is an effort and even shagging is a little bothersome. So how do I turn the clock back? The first stop for me is to decide to either accept what was happening to me or to find the mind-set to make a goal of trying to change what was happening. I chose to find the right mind set. I began with asking myself what was the most important thing that I enjoy in my life? Was it shagging, money, my Xbox 360, my gaming computer, Youtube, Netflix, satellite TV, my beautiful apartment home that overlooks the sea, my new Mazda CX5? The pleasure in all of those things has faded. The things I don't like mask my pleasure of those things. I am 55 and obese and my cholesterol is off the charts.

Genetically speaking perhaps, my father died at age 54 from a stroke so I may have beaten the genetic clock by 2 years. He was a clever dude my father was and I respected his intelligence. When he died it was a mind numbing situation for me to deal with. I did however learn a lesson that day and to this day I have never forgotten it. I got the call from my sister saying that he had passed from a sudden stroke and before the funeral they gave me time at the morgue to say goodbye. I was too stunned to comprehend the enormity of it all. I was age 24 then and at that age I had formed some laws in life for myself. I called it Lloyd's Law, sort of a life code I was establishing, and I use that very code to this day. Lloyd's Law said that if some thing really bad happens to someone else, rather learn what they did wrong to save yourself from paying the same price. What can I learn from my dad's death? There had to be an enormous lesson there. I paced the floor for an hour, conscious that the morgue wished to close. I prodded his body not sure why, as if hoping he could tell me what the lesson should be. I had a pen and a little book with me so not knowing what to do I decided to write him a letter. It began with "Dear Dad I see you lying here dead... and I learn...." (Then the lesson hit me powerful on the button, true words that I will never forget.) They words were.. "I learn that you didn't do what you knew was right and now you are DEAD!"

That was 32 years ago. Lloyd's Law long forgotten. I have broken my health rules I now I need to pay a price to avoid what happened to my Dad. The price of imminent death.

At age 55 and on Sunday October 30th 2017, I reactivated my original Lloyd's Law and decided to use it to radically change my life style. I have decided to get real. I decided to then to do something. I decided to try anything reasonable and rationale to get what I needed. Anything was better than nothing. Any start was better than no start. That day I decided to do something that would radically alter my health. It would radically alter my weight. It would make me actively initiate a process to restore my health. I would be doing what I believe was begin the journey on the ultimate path to regain my health and zest for life.

So on the 1st day of November 2016 I was prepared. I had booked off leave for a whole month from my business. My son would handle things. I blocked 16 stressful people on my WhatsApp. I told people I care about that I was studying and didn't want to be disturbed (I was busy at that time with my skippers licence). I put my relationships on hold.

On the 1st day of November 2016 I started a 30-day water fast. Yes, water only. Pure filtered water only. And I only drank water for 30 days.

What happened after that changed my life. I had restored my zest for life, my brain was active and clearer, my back stopped hurting and I could walk very fast. I started my fast weighing in at 95 kg and in 30 days' time I lost 15 kg of fat. I now weighed 80kg.

So fasting was a key but was that all?

This was the beginning of things for me. My mind had focused on doing the right thing. I was on a new path grateful each day for the blessing of the creation of Lloyd's Law.

So in my opening blog today I hope that you have your own laws that keep you safe. Don't die early. Make a decision that above all else your health is more important than any material thing.

Do something today for your health. Take a little walk , drink some coconut water. I don't care what you do today no matter how small but do it because you have started your journey to regain your health. Don't follow me. Create and follow your own path, but learn from what I am not doing right or learn from my results that work for me.

I am not a doctor. I am just a 55-year-old unhealthy fat man wanting to be healthier and slimmer. I take full charge and responsibility for that. I know my son will not look at my dead body and be able to say "Dear dad I see you lying here dead. And I learn. That you didn't do what you knew was right. And now YOU ARE DEAD.!" 

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