Day 31 Liquid Fasting -10.4 kg

Saturday 01 July. Start Weight : 95.6 Today's Weight 85.2 : Target Weight for today 85.3 kg : Total Weight Loss -10.4 kg 

So what did my dad not do that he know was right.. Did he have to die at age 54? What could he have done to avoid death at what I think was an early age. Robert Mugabe the Zimbabwean president is now 94.. The Queen of England is over 90 too. That means there might be the potential to live at least 40 percent longer if you could understand why.. Are we fated to die at a certain age? Can we prolong our lives by taking action aligned with research observations and taking at least some known relevant actions? I believe the answer to that question is a resounding YES! I also believe that the belief itself is not on good faith alone it is based on practical experiences of others and that of myself. It's also a very personal thing like a religion it's the way I believe things to be rather than the way every body believes. To be a faster you have to have a certain faith in the Creater that He provided a code of conduct for us that would result in longevity and good health. It is this faith that I use whilst in my Fasting period to keep me going. That faith translates into appreciation for the gift of my body from the creater and the gift of the knowledge of Fasting. When I fast what holds me up is my faith in the process based on my previous experiences I must quickly add. This is by no means blind faith. It is a faith based on experience. As a business man when I open a business I know that if I follow a specific criteria of due diligence and implement those criteria with action the result will be a business that produces results. How do I know this? Because I have done it before a day it worked every time. In this way I have faith for my new business venture. This same faith is what is needed to be sure that Fasting is the due diligence needed coupled with actions and rules to achieve health longevity and to reduce the effects of male menopause. Fasting is a deliberate choice. It is a choice based on a belief system. It is also a choice that one can make by seeing results in the people that do fast. That's what this website and blog is all about. It's is a sharing of my experience so that you can judge me for being an idiot or judge me as having a profound type of sacred knowledge that is to be prized. There are however pitfalls of any belief system. These are mainly resistive elements that are fear based in others that if you fast you are choosing to die. Yet the complete opposite is my truth. So one of my rules of Fasting is.. Tell as few people as possible. Create a space where you can go through the process and not have the additional stress of multiple other people worrying that you are going to die. My father believed in Fasting. Yet he rarely fasted. In his case because he didn't fast but believed in it it could be said that he didn't do what he knew was right. That was the valuable lesson I learned standing alone next to his body. He was my proof and yet I was too young then to be facing the ultimate price of disobeying natural laws instilled in the body. I could eat what I wanted.. I didn't have to fast I don't have to watch my diet. I could be reckless with my health because my body was young. But all too quickly time passed and now I have passed the age my father died. He died at 54 I am now 56. Am I lucky to not have suffered the same eventuality? Well as Gary player once said the harder I try the luckier I get.

Day 32 The Mechanics of Fasting.
Day 30 Liquid Fasting -10kg


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Monday, 28 September 2020
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