Day 38 Dealing with phantom hunger pangs.

Woke at 5 am this morning my body needs less sleep now went to sleep last night at 11 pm. Woke with gummy mouth and after brushing teeth felt rested and  relaxed. I noticed some pangs of hunger and acknowledged these as not real but what I call phantom hunger pangs. They are brief and very light and can be caused by too much sugar content in the juice consumed. I reflected on what I had drunk yesterday to analyse what has changed. And yes there had been a change the green juice has become a little unpalatable so I added one more apple and decreased the spinach leaves. The result was a juice that had a lot more  sugar. But a lot more palatable. The Hunger pangs this morning are a sign to me that my body is more reliant on external energy source than my internal fat reserves. So I must change that and revert to coconut water and green juice with lemon.  

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Monday, 28 September 2020
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