Day 32 The Mechanics of Fasting.

 So to fast what's involved. What are the dangers and what specifically do you have to do to conduct an effective safe liquid fast ? 

The first thing that needs to be understood is why Fasting has value as opposed to just eating good food or maybe trying to be a saladarian or a fruitarian both of which would also be good.

By drinking nutrient rich fluid and getting your nutrition within that fluid is the first value.  The density of the nutrient and the availability of the nutrient is the key to Liquid fasting. 

To extract nutrients the mechanical process of masticating the food in your mouth and mixing it with saliva with the chewing action is actually pretty much doing what a blender would do anyway without the saliva. 

Once chewed it passes into the stomach when a further extrapolation of nutrient is achieved through the action of the stomachs secretions. The food is in this way throughly prepared as it begins its descent through the colon. 

The colon is made up of many bubble type chambers each with the capability of performing an action similar to a heart beat. 

However instead of a beating action the colon produces more of a squeezing action which causes the food to pass into the next chamber which in turn does the same thing. It's a bit like filling a sausage with your hands. 

The action of this squeezing in the colon is called the peristaltic action. And it is this action that will have an important connection with your fast. Why? 

Peristalsis is activated in the presence of food.. It's like if you tickle your nose inside it causes you to sneeze.. It's reflex in other words unstoppable. So as the food enters your colon the squeezing reflex happens. When you fast no food is going into the colon and the squeezing action deminishes. Your food processing factory is shut down. 

As an electrician I used to work shut-downs.. Factories would shut down in December and fix all and any parts that need fixing before start up in January. That's exactly what happens when you fast. 

However when a factory closes down it still needs financial reserves to be able to repair and still keep afloat. In the case of a human these financial reserves are in the form of fat. When you fast your body uses the fat to suppliment your energy to conduct repairs and provided that the energy supplied in the form of liquids is less than the energy needed then fat loss is accomplished. 

Can you get fat fasting? Yes on a liquid fast you can by drinking sugar loaded liquids. That's why the green juice is recommended. It has a very low sugar content and a very high nutrient content. Perfect for rebuilding your body and perfect for weight loss. 

What are the dangers of Fasting? Very few actually in my opinion provided adequate preparation and precautions are taken. Obviously a lengthy fast requires more preparing in terms of creating the life space to do it and your mental frame must be solid. 

I have replaced the word goal in my Fasting vocabulary with the word resolve because it more apply describes not what I am trying to to but what I going to accomplish through my resolution. 

Instead of getting your nutrients from solid food you are getting powerful renutrification through liquid food. So what's the danger? You are basically replacing the chewing action and limiting the types of energy resources you are ingesting.  

Mostly this because it is commonly perceived ideology that you die soon after you don't eat. Well in this case you are eating and what's more you are eating better than you ever have in your life in terms of actual renutrification. 

You can now Regulate the speed of your fat loss with the amount of sugar you are having in liquids that you consume. 

When must you stop Fasting? 

When you have no fat reserves! 

How will I know if I am not fat? 

Pinch your fatty areas and make a judgement that call..

Day 32 Liquid Fasting. -10.4 kg
Day 31 Liquid Fasting -10.4 kg


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Monday, 28 September 2020
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