Day 9 Intermittent fasting


I am now on my 9th day of  Intermittent fasting. This means I only eat once a day. I consume only water in between one meal a day. Occasionally I have a cuppachino with creme if the hunger pangs get the better of  me. Today I had a cappachinos with creme at 11 am. I did this because I knew the creme would kill any hunger pangs I had. The milk in the coffee defeats the object though. Sugar in your body is like trying to move your car by putting a stick of dynamite under it. You can move the car and with great speed but you ruin the car in the process. If you view sugar as a destructive dynamite stick then n you half way there already mentally. In discussing the cappachinos problem with shan my adopted daughter she said have coffee with th creme and no milk. The lactose sugar in the milk would then be avoided keeping me safely in ketosis. Yah what a great strategy.   

So by Intermittent fasting and  getting enigg sun after completing 60 days of juice fasting  current strategy. 

During the 60 days I lost a full 18 kg of  kdy weight and I immediately put back on 2 kg after the fast within 3 days.

I am not unhappy about that because I have a holding pattern strategy to keep it there by marking what I call my new threshold weight. 

My new threshold weight is 80kg. I realise how easy it is to slip back into old ways. 

So to hold that weight  I have committed to eating only once a day after 5 pm and I have committed to eating very low sugar content foods that have a high fat content like avocado's and salads with a lot of green and very little animal protein. Carbohydrates are an absolute NoNo. No sugar no honey maybe a little xylitol but eve  that is going the wrong way. 

I am at a new threshold weight of 80kg now and intend to keep it that like that. 

I intend to adopt a lifestyle that daily or weekly reduces my new threshold  weight.

3 months ago I weighed in at close to 96kg I am now 80.1kg today. Wow it's like I am. Talking about someone else and I am so proud of that person and yet that person is me. If you really want to love someone then you the best person in the world to love and admire and respect. This self love believe it or not overflows onto the people around you and you feel more  connected to them. 

So for those of you that have  fasted be sure to keep within 2kg of your new body weight threshold after you Finnish fasting. As soon as you breach that threshold.. Juice Fast again. Don't slip. Love yourself enough to respect the threshold of self love. 

Eat as raw as possible and as green as possible with the least sugar content foods and adding avocado's is an absolute must to get the fats in so that your body stays in ketosis mode which is the fantastic fat burning mode.

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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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