Day 9 Hunger killing strategy.

At times whilst Intermittent fasting I may feel like I at g and rather than break my fast completely by consuming food I have adopted a diversionary tactic as of today. The strategy is to remain in ketosis which is the beneficial fat burning mode the body can switch to in the absence of sugar and Carbohydrates. 

The strategy is to order coffee with a head of creme and no milk and on ojsly no sugar unless you drag some xylitol packets around with you. By eating g the head of cream it totally kills the hunger pangs and indeed will pull me through the most  tempting of dishes abeit in my thoughts lol. 

Ideal? Maybe not for some die hard extremists. I can't  myself that. I have only water fasted for 30 days.. Juice fasted for 60 days and done 9 days of one meal a day Intermittent fasting. I hardly would hardly call that an extremist now would you? 

Day 10 Intermittent fasting
Day 9 Intermittent fasting


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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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