Day 60 - lost - 18kg. Test RESULTS.

The subject of Ectopic Fat is now on my mind. What is it? 

Ectopic fat are the deposits of fats  within the cells of tissue that normally don't contain fat. Principally around the heart liver kidneys and pancreas. Ectopic fat can add a mechanical impairment to the function of that organ and as such needs removing. 

Gosh its bad enough that we have fat around our middle now I find out that that goes first and ectopic fat goes last. 

My theory of achieving my zero fat threshold through fasting is thus supported. This means I must have absolutely no fat on my tummy and then still fast for a period to remove the ectopic fat. 

Challenging yes.. But after 60 days very doable! 

Day 60 Maringa and lemon juice
Day 59 Changing to Maringa.


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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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