Day 59 Changing to Maringa.

I went  to the doctor to get all my lab test results which I will release on my 60th day of fasting. Before I did the tests I discussed my fasting strategy with Charles Lubbe the founder of the big breakfast banting debate. Probably the most advanced focus I have come across that targets exactly what I am trying to do namely regaining optimum health and Zest for life. Charles strategy purports that by stabilising your sugar levels early in the morning with a high fat content breakfast and low Carbohydrate intake daily that the body will actually change its fuel source essentially from sugar to fat. A process known as ketosis. 

I have seen massive transformations in the people that follow this regime. A typical breakfast would be 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil 2 rashers of bacon spinach cooked in butter and 1 avocado. Essential to the strategy is that you eat breakfast to satiety. 

Does it work? Do you lose weight? Absolutely. Why am I not following this path.? 2 reasons mainly. Firstly I am a great believer in fasting as the most effective and aggressive strategy to correct bad health and correct weight loss. I agree with the principles of stabilising your blood sugar levels I also want to find that within the framework of Charles ideology a parallel plant based raw strategy. Make no mistake I love bacon and eggs. I just want to lean the strategy to be more focused on plant based foods. I am quite sure that this is doable within the framework of the big breakfast banting debate . But first I must lose 30kg and then adopt aing term life sustaining eating strategy. I already half way there having lost 18 kg of fat so far on 59 days juice fasting.  

So in chatting to Charles about my fasting strategy he drew my attention to 2 things which require some digestion. Firstly Charles warned that an Apple in the spinach is too much sugar as well as the Carbohydrates in the spinach itself were too much. 3 such glasses a day would hamper the fast because the body uses the sugar first and only when it runs out does  it resort to burning fat. It made perfect sense to me that the apple juice had to go. Charles reccomended that I also switch to maringa powder which has 7 times the nutritional properties of spinach. Bang that makes sense to me. 

So this morning I had the juice of a lemon with a table spoon of maringa powder. We talking about 50ml liquid that's very palatable to me because I love lemons. 

The new strategy should have an influence on the speed of the weight loss because I will no longer be swinging in and out of ketosis. 

Thank you Charles Lubbe for your contribution to my health and process I am going through. 

For those of you interesting in this highly effective strategy here is the link.

Day 60 - lost - 18kg. Test RESULTS.
Day 58 Threshold what is it?


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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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