Day 58 Threshold what is it?

What is threshold?  Threshold is the point where the body has no fat reserves. Its something I call it and it's value to me is imperative to me to be able to get to in order to alter my lifestyle and control my weight from the threshold point. So what's my threshold point?  At the moment I don't know because I still have fat on my body. I would estimate it to be about 66 kilograms based on the fact that that was the weight I was always at until age 32. 

What happened after that was simple mathematics. I ate more than my body used energy. I gained weight slowly at first and then it got out of control. 

This fast attempts to reset my body to threshold. I wil measure my threshold using modern fat measuring instruments such as the ones that they have at gym. 

66 kilograms is what I think my fat threshold is for my current age. I wonder what it will actually be. I believe that threshold will change once I go to gym and get muscles.. But it will now be always on my mind as my starting point for health. 

Day 59 Changing to Maringa.
Day 58 Salt


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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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