Day 58 Salt

Last night I was wondering about how salt affects  our health. During my fast I made some thin tomato soup with salt to taste as well as Tabasco sauce. The result was that I consumed about 1.5 litres of the soup in  a short period of time because it was so tasty. The next day I had retained water in my body and my weight shot up by 1 kg. Thinking it was just the excess fluid I again consumed the same amount of that delicious soup and found that my weight gained the next day by.. 6 of a kilogram. 

I have come to the conclusion therefore that salt makes me eat more and it makes  me retain fluid. I feel in my gut that I need to be very wary of salt and I am cut this down to a minimum and treat it like it was sugar! 

Day 58 Threshold what is it?
Day 57 working and fasting


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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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