Day 43 To be puritan or not to be puritan?

 My green juice stressless formula.

Firstly it is my thinking that green chlorophyll rich juice mixed with ginger and lemon are the foundation for a good renutrifucatiin plan. However that can get a bit tedious so I only have one of those juices a day.

The balance if my day is strong rooibos tea that has no caffeine in it mixed with lemon and ginger and some honey or xylitol.

Lastly I bought 2 cases of coconut water so that when I go about my daily activity I can grab a 500ml can and hit the road.

Ocaasionally I will have when far away from home a cappuccino but only when away from home just as part of the variety of stresseless liquid Fasting.

I have fasted every year since I was 17. I have seen how arduous true blue die hard puritan fasting can be because I was one of those proponents of such pure thinking. I now believe that the ease of which this fast is going is by widening the parameters and not being so hardline.

Do I think that this way is still making a difference.. 13 kg loss so far in 42 days has definetly proved that point. I have that feeling that this is not arduous and that I can fast in definetly. I have no desire to eat and I take comfort in knowing that each day I am renutrifying my body, I am reversing the feeling of getting old I am addressing my male menopause.

I therefore propose that this stresseless method of fasting is far easier to do and in fact is my preferred method because I am not at all daunted with the rigours of puritan green juice Fasting.

Day 44
Day 43 Resilience of mind


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Monday, 28 September 2020
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