Day 43 Resilience of mind

As each day progresses there is an increasing awareness that my mind and brain l is no longer getting  tired. Sharp clear thinking prevails. There is no dullness and the brain fog associated with my normal daily life has lifted. Yesterday I had to design and produce a spreadsheet that covers 52 weeks of the year fir each branch and work on a weighting algorithm that essentially fires an employee when certain criteria in the algorithm are not net according to the weighting factors. Usually a project like this takes days for me, even weeks. Additionally I had to conclude the sale of a property that I was asking 50 percent more that the going market value so my presentation had to be on the button. Then when I got home I had to research a tax angle for my company that would considerably reduce my tax legally. A lot of reading and digesting and translating into a usable strategy took me to midnight before I reluctantly decided I needed to sleep. 

This all accomplished after not eating solid food for 42 days as of yesterday.  

Day 43 To be puritan or not to be puritan?
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Monday, 28 September 2020
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