Day 42 Xylitol sugar substitute

Hot rooibos Tea made by brewing it on a stove has really added some sort of quality of life to my green juice fast. Green juice is not perhaps the best tasting drink albeit it has a high nutrient content needed for sustaining the body whilst it cleansing out all the stored fat. Green juice namely spinach celery ginger and an apple is low in sugar. It's the foundation of the fast but is not the fast itself. So a strategy needs to be in place to be able to fast for extended periods of time within a reasonable comfort zone. The priority is the green juice and thereafter anything consumed should have low sugar content. My strategy initially allowed the consumption of normal Ceylon tea. However this tea contains tannins and caffeine which caused me to to battle to sleep. I switched to rooibos tea which has no caffeine or tannins. I replaced the milk with the juice of half a lemon and added 2 teaspoons of ginger juice to give it an explosive kick. Finally I added 1 spoon of xylitol which has only 7 percent of the sugar effect on the body. 

Sounds perfect for fasting but xylitol has one considerable draw back. GAS! It will make you feel bloated if you consume too much. So I limit each cup to only one teaspoon and then I only allow myself to have 2 cups of tea a day with xylitol. The other cups of tea I use honey. 

By adding strong rooibos tea with ginger and lemon and honey or xylitol to the green juice fast I am able to endure the fats much easier an consequently fast for much longer. My objective is to fast for 3 months and 10 days. 100 days in total. I do this to completely eradicate all the excess fat on my body and to reverse the effect of aging and male menopause. I do it for my health and to regain some of the Zest of life lost on carrying 30kg of excess fat. 

Rooibos ginger and lemon tea added to the green juice makes it much easier and is assisting me to be able to be a long term faster to correct my health. 

Day 43 Resilience of mind
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Monday, 28 September 2020
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