Day 40 the price of mango juice

So yesterday I spent a few hours at the pool. There is a restaurant there and so the environment is not supportive to juice Fasting. People were eating and drinking and someone lit a fire and had a barbecue.. A waiter approached me and asked what I would like. I asked for  a cappuccino  which he duly brought. I sipped half way through but was repulsed by the taste after having been on juice for so long. I now have this thought that cappuccinos are horrible. Gosh I never thought that would happen. I then ordered some commercially produced mango juice and was immediately satiated. No food could tempt me and since my goal here was to get some vitamin D from the sun and let the kids swim too I think the price of the mango juice wasn't too high. When I stepped on the scale this morning however I hadn't lost anything. Grrrr not sure what that means but I think the answer lies in the obvious.. Too much sugar in the mango juice.! 

Day 41
Day 39 -12.9kg. Storing fresh juice.


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Monday, 28 September 2020
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