Day 32 Liquid Fasting. -10.4 kg

Sunday 02 July.      Start Weight : 95.6    Today's Weight 85.2   :   Target Weight for today 85.0 kg    :     Total Weight Loss -10.4 kg



32 DAYS LIQUID FASTING WEIGHT 85.2kg loss to date is -10.4kg

This is my 32nd day of Fasting today. I have 68 more days to go to complete my resolve to fast for 100 days. It is Sunday July the 2nd 8am. My Weight at 8am after having a pee is 85.2kg which is exactly the same as yesterday.


Lol How am I feeling? Absolutely fine. So if I didn't lose the usual 0.3 of a kilogram what happened?

So lets go over yesterday's drinking spree and analyse it.

Yesterday was a Saturday and my normal drinking routine changed. What changed was I added honey to my tea. I normally use xylitol. I simply consumed too much HONEY with my Rooibos tea yesterday. Today I pay the price.

1 cup of fresh juiced pineapple.

8 cups of Rooibos tea with a spoon of HONEY and some ginger, and half a squeezed lemon.

1 litre of coconut water.

1 cup of lemon juice with salt and Tabasco.

Clearly the addition of honey in my tea was increased and by adding that honey to my tea it's not helping with my weight loss. I usually have xylitol. (xylitol has approx. 7% of the effective sugar value). I learned that Honey will give you an nice taste boost but actually it is NOT helping the fasting for that day. So It's just a learning experience even though stagnated a bit learned a bit I have not stopped the liquid Fasting.

Today is Sunday I will simply go back to my routine drinks Rooibos tea with lemon and xylitol and some ginger juice and carry on knowing that that it's all good part of my process and the fasting rules apply (be glad to make mistakes because teach you what not to do) I learned so I can just simply carry on. My target for my goal weight on Monday morning is still to have lost 0.3 kg. By consuming very little or no sugar today I may be even be able to catch up. I had my little lesson day yesterday so I can afford to be a little more aggressive today to keep things on track.

The 2 things that I have found that stop weight loss.


Literally this could be sugar in your tea or honey in your tea. Remember Rooibos test has no caffeine in it and no tannin.


When you heat a juice like tomato juice and add salt and Tabasco sauce my feeling is that instead of high nutrition I have now devalued the juice by heating it. The taste is ecstatic and so the result is I consume too much.. The added salt I am not sure of what it does but my gut says stay away after gaining weight for three consecutive days whilst consuming heated tomato juice. So for me and my body it's a learned No.

The most important thing of this all is to keep going.

I still have 68 days to go. Monitoring and tracking your fast graphically by a daily weigh in is also a very important to support your psychological process. It's corrects any wrong process or thinking you may slip in and you learn from it practically speaking.

I use excel to record the process and make a daily graph. The chart is open on my computer and so I can quickly refer to it each day and look forward to filling it in. I know that if I slip I will disappoint the chart so to speak so adopting this tiny almost silly way of thinking actually helps me keep my 100 day resolve.

Getting some sun
Day 32 The Mechanics of Fasting.


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Monday, 28 September 2020
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