Day 0 Low Sugar High Nutrient Fasting.

Day 0 Low Sugar High Nutrient  Fasting.

So yesterday after finishing a 60 day fast I was able to reflect on what I had learnt and now that I had lost 18 kg on how I was going to keep those pounds off. What would be the strategy? Firstly I would have to integrate my eating back to a new norm. I have previously been told that eating a big breakfast with lots of fat was the way to go. But something there kicks against my core. Firstly I am not hungry in the morning and secondly I am think that cooked food in general is not as good for you as raw food. 

Mm so what to do? 

So I made up some rules. 

1. Don't eat before 1pm. 

2. Eat Avos and salads. 

3. Eat low sugar content foods. 

Essentially I have created an Intermittent fasting regime. This will be my regime for the next 40 days. 

Day 1 Weigh in 78.7kg
Day 61 Finishing the Fast


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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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