Why are hormones not used more often to treat human symptoms. The answer is simple. A hormone cannot be patented by the drug companies.

Testosterone is often well known as a hormone that is associated with body building or sport doping. It is correct to assume this but we will NOT be using this hormone to body build!! This site is all about finding the secrets to anti-aging and a better quality of life.


Testosterone is a natural steroid produced by all humans. In men the natural production of testosterone starts to decrease normally at the age of 30 - it is at its highest level naturally during a male’s adolescence - it causes for example the facial structure to change, the voice to drop and the shoulders to broaden. This continues to decline for the rest of a man’s life at approximately a 1% reduction per year after the age of 30.

We therefore see this as most definitely a form of aging which can be treated with replacement therapy.

There are plenty of "scare" tactics used on the side effects of using testosterone. We truly believe that these do occur if administered for body building, athletics doping etc. Used in anti-aging we are only replacing into our bodies what we had previously.

We will try to focus on the benefits. Research thus far has discovered the following:

1. Increased Libido. Helps reduce Erectile Dysfunction.

2. Helps with sleeping disorders.

3. Increases self-confidence and motivation.

4. Increases bone density and will reduce body fat.

5. Improves “bad” cholesterol.

There are a number of ways to replace testosterone. The best and most effective is by injection.