Claimed to be the “miracle” anti-aging drug. Yes it does turn back the clock.

It must however be noted that there is only one effective way to effectively replace your body with HGH. That is by injection. Do not fall for the mumbo-jumbo of tablets, potions and snake oils offered as a miracle cure on the Internet. They just do not work. This means you have to get a doctor to write a script for you to administer it.

There are also a variety of products offered. Be careful! You get what you pay for! We currently ONLY recommend Genotropin.

What are the benefits of HGH?

1. Rapidly build muscle.

2. Increase energy levels.

3. Increase in Libido.

4. Natural reverse of belly fat as the metabolism increases back to youthful days. Remember at 18? You could eat whatever you liked and it made no difference!

5. Anti-aging! You start to "grow" younger.

6. Increases bone density.

7.  Reduces cardiovascular disease risks.

8. Increases memory and concentration.

9. Helps reduce bad cholesterol.>

10. Improves sleep.