Richard Lloyd has now completed the 60 day fasting challenge!


This  is a log of the author Richard Lloyd who is on a quest for a life style of sustained weight loss and the adoption of optimal health strategies. The methods used here to achieve this goal  may be somewhat controversial,  nevertheless it is the intention of the author to demonstrate that these goals are not only achievable but within the reach of most.


The exact methodology will be blogged here by Richard Lloyd. 


True optimal health for most is achievable.


 On the 1st June 2017 Richard Lloyd was an obese overweight unhealthy male aged 56. Weighing in at 95.6 kg he has successfully reduced his weight in just 60 days to just 80kg. No physical exercise was used to do this.


Richard lives in sunny South Africa in Umhlanga.  His documented delivery of his 100 day low sugar liquid juice “fasting” journey will hopefully open the door for others to ask if this is a path to be considered. Certainly the results speak magnitudes. So judge for yourself. Perhaps you may be also inspired to take such a journey using low sugar liquid nutrient fasting.


This information is free for the duration of the experiments.  This site is not designed for profit and please be informed that Richard is not a Doctor. He is here to document the lessons he has learned for his body type and for his personal life enrichment.


The body has a built in ability to rid itself of excess fat and the consequences are higher energy levels. The key is simply to stop eating to allow it to do the work.


By fasting even one day it is Richards’s belief that the individual is resetting his or her body to a younger age. 


Richard will providing the practical blogging daily with progress pictures.


The 3 main fasting liquids used are:

1. The juice of spinach , juice of 1 apple , juice of 1 cucumber , juice of 1 thumb of ginger.

2. Strong rooibos tea with lemon juice ginger juice with honey or xylitol.

3. Coconut water.


Richard is of the firm opinion that many people can easily do this too by creating the correct personal space and the correct resolve.


by Richard Lloyd  1.68 m 56 years old in the year 2017.



RICHARD : "My primary anti-aging strategy is to fast using low sugar content, nutrient rich liquids, to melt the fat away. This will reset my health age to the type of health that I experienced as a young person.


I want to feel younger so I have put together a strategy that aggressively addresses this goal. 


My first challenge is to reduce the fatty deposits around my heart and organs.

I thus ceased eating on 1st June 2017. I will only eat again on the 10th September 2017.  I will attempt to blog all my results daily with pictures and a dialogue of my thinking process.

Once this has been completed I will initiate my secondary strategy which is to develop a regime aimed at locking in the good results permanently. This i believe will perhaps be a more daunting challenge. I will also document and blog that on this website. 

Finally I will compile all the information release my practical findings and put it into a book format.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is a secondary strategy of slowing the aging process. This is where we use Bioidentical Hormones to ones that have stopped being produced by the body naturally. These consist of Testosterone, DHEA, HGH, Oxytocin and Melatonin.

This concept was introduced to Richard by Stephen who will also feature later on this website with comment views and strategies of his own.

Both Richard and Stephen are extremely aware that they have a possible 30 years left! So it’s a time to enjoy and explore.

The main focus of the website will be the blogs. Richard and Stephen will be updating the information "as they go along".

Opinions and experiences will be expressed as they find themselves trying out the different processes.



If you have questions and experiences please feel free to add them to the relevant blogs. The more participation we get, the more knowledgeable we all become.

Progress Chart For 100 Day Liquid Fast